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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Second skins...

Gangs can confront me
Dogs can bare teeth and drool from their gums
Cannibals can surround me beating their drums
But I am instilled with a power from above
Because I feel indestructible in my black leather gloves

My hands that are medium
Morph to a size large
I can make holes in buildings
I can sink a floating barge
I tip my hat to the powers residing above
Who sent me magical black leather gloves

I can go where I want
Leaving no prints to the law
I can take all your jewellery
From your chest of drawers
I can only be seen by the powers from above
Who bequeathed me the power of the black leather gloves

I can run my fine fingers
O’er contours on your body
I can make you arch with just the one touch
I’ll never blush as I lift up your dress
Just take gasping credit from you for my caress
I scream out thank-you to the powers above
Who blessed me Don Juan in my black leather gloves

So what do I do when I turn off the light
Do I hang up my second skins
Or keep them on through the night
Well as you don’t know me
And you cant see my slumbering frame
You should ask all questions to my friends from above
Who blessed me with my wondrous black leather gloves !

Stephen Monaghan 2005.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Three poems - Bradley King...


Perched I am, on cement slab
overlord of 5pm proceeding
scasting upside down glances
over projected peoples.

Poor soul’s
recipients of my biased musings
all the while, hypocritically
I seek their depths
looking with lusting eyes
through amusement park mirrors.

And they cry their case
through cheap-expensive suites
"there's more to me"
"than this sideway shuttle-step"

And what exactly is "ordinary"
but the lack of imagination
of a procrastinating seer
with burned psyche
and all the scars
of a horny napalm victim.

And the beat of glossy leather
is an incessant reminder
of the places we'd rather be
down turn on this damn moment
this damn enemy
a painful reminder
of the ghost in residence
long since pounded
to dust in the crack of a sidewalk


I peer out through sea water eyes
I feel slats of wood
mottled against my calves
I reach out with amputated limbs
feeling blindly for a soul
to brush lightly against

But, how they rush on and on
in the dreamscape of importance
wrapped tight in a woolen cloak
a future of satirical goals
an eye of self-reflecting diamond
cut crooked against the water mark

Though I still want to touch
still want to hold them
feel my nakedness dissolve
walls rife with barnacles and star fish
decayed and mistreated
in a bleached April sun.


I gotta burn this weight
flame it off my chest
it's burning me, roasting me
in the fires of doubt and wretchedness
a wall of dried eagle feathers
with periodic portals
to peer through with bare eyes
eyes that see a potential
drifting on warm thermals
to the forever receding horizon

Stopped the ride, I did
jumped off the schizophrenic carousel
who's demented horses
had raised the professional absconder
to demi-god status
in the mirror and eyes of another
who's innocent devotion
only tipped inertia’s scales
into a blood red avalanche
of deceit in the name of love

Now wade through a pool
of screaming memories
face their unfettered fury
I must, I must be consumed
in the pure water and death throws
of an open wounded ego
long passed expiry date
best left to the junkyard
at the end of Military Road

Bradley King 2005.

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Monday, May 02, 2005


Poem II - Stephen Monaghan

'Cant ignore what's inside your head'

Fuck I'm sick of it
Up to my eyes in it
Down on my luck with it
No way out of it

Forced to live it
Going to die with it
Subjecting others to it
Gain an insight on it

Must I deal with it
Take all the pain of it
Lie on the floor with it
Climb the walls with it

Drive round the bend with it
Cant take a holiday from it
No cant get away with it, from it
But always hang out with it

Best friend is it
Well I doubly doubt it
Just been stuck with it
Don't know where I met it

Its like a drug innit
Stay awake with it
Cant work with it
Never sleep with it

Fuck on it,oh you know it
Cant fuck with it
Always win wont it
Don't ever doubt it

Stephen Monaghan 2005.

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