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Wednesday, October 19, 2005




our plight lies in the balance

James Davies © 2005.


Vinnie Jones (1)...

Vinnie once threw toast at Gary Lineker.
He promised to rip Kenny Dalglish’s ears off.
He bit a reporter’s nose.

However, he once gave £80,000 to a hospital.

He is like a bull in a china shop.
He loses his temper.
But he is loyal.
He is determined.
He works hard.

Vinnie Jones is a winner.

James Davies © 2005.

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Jacob's Ladder 2...

It’s so sad

All the sheep

James Davies © 2005.

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Jacob's Ladder...



(deleted) fragment

James Davies © 2005.

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Monday, October 10, 2005


A Walking Thought 3...

rain like an orange frog
occasionally leaping upon
leaves fallen like rain

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005


A Walking Thought 2...

fishermen meet
in the shade
of a shrine

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005



A maiden so fair
So fair as to have breached the code of conduct
Held in highest esteem by gamblers
Who from rushing for gold
Were distracted by the glittering prize
A subordinate unfortunate
Knowing the prowess of the mistress
And the meandering thought process of a man in distress
She would face the mirror and lift up her corset
An asset that has managed by many
Yet rarely a man in finance
Hers was the role of the mother and the lover
Both would put a meal on the table
Yet one cuisine was more juicy than the other
Through her culinary delights
And starry eyes like clear sky nights
She made her money in the towns
Of bars, that overflowed with crowns
Her currency ... anatomy
Her reward a thousand husbands
Her quandry a conscience
Her aim .... Not quite true

Stephen Monaghan © 2005.

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A Walking Thought 1...

affectionate old buggied ladies
like sunset crabs to the sea
to glimpse where the day was best

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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4% Tourettes...

I speak what others merely think
The banal the inane yet the profound
Their thoughts are guarded by fear
Mine are encouraged by fear
Fear of silence
Chasms of nothing
Like in my dreams
But what are good dreams called
The bad ones have a title at least
Like rich people do
To be bad is to be named
And then I open my mouth
And out come the words
From the recesses of my troubled mind
Other people do it too …
I saw a documentary with people in it
People who liked to fill the silences with words
There’s one in my local park
He shouts at everyone
Except his dog
In summer he rides a horse topless
It makes me laugh then feel sorry
He never catches eyes
Probably just a cold to be honest
But he likes to ride his horse
Walk his dog, and shout
Each to their own
So why my hang-up ?
I read that at Manchester United
The goalkeeper has my problem too
He has 4% tourettes
How do they know its not 3% or 5% ?
Maybe I should communicate with him
Share my thoughts
Break the silence together

S. Monaghan © 2005.

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