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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


A Walking Thought 11...

toes finally broken through
touching the dirty path
to being clean

Neil Cantwell 2005.


A Walking Thought 10...

countless lessons of insects
ceasing to twitch timefully
then dragged away by others

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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A Walking Thought 9...

a glass lake
magnifies and worships
feathers across spectral sunset sky

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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A Walking Thought 8...

when movement is stillness
rocks fall to flow
and water is their constant path

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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A Walking Thought 7...

dancing characters of meaning
only incidental happenings
of a brushes playful glide

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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Friday, November 11, 2005


A Walking Thought 6...

just shiny wet ravens
eyeing gutter confetti flowers
in rain running off my road

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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A Walking Thought 5...

blisters within blisters
from walking towards having
faith in faith

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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A Walking Thought 4...

above all things
I will want to see
the performances of mountains

Neil Cantwell 2005.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005



The gale was among the woods, wading –
On the brink of my hearing.

Foliage clotted from the dark outcroppings
In my bedroom – then immediately

The path, straight through to the heart.

I slept with an eyeful of stars.

Mum sat with me all night
And slipped away before I woke up.

The evergreens are standing around,
Trembling open,

But the wind has broken the redwoods.

The new clearing gapes like a mouth full of broken teeth –
Flashes where the sky’s bulk snags. This

Was a walk’s darkest stretch,
Where any sunlight scattered

In flies’ wings.

Merrick Palmer © 2005

posted by scarecrow  # 9:48 AM

twenty imaginations...

I denounced a bomber:

the authorities
could not see him
he was camouflaged
against the climate
in combats
patterned with paranoia

I identified an abandoned package:

the authorities
could not see it
it was hidden in a bin
under yesterday’s Metro
and a crushed packet
of twenty imaginations

I see civilians divided into limbs and organs and blood:

the authorities
cannot rescue them
the five entrances are sealed
by two eardrums
two eyeballs
and one tongue

Jamie Huxley © 2005.

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spells for the new millennium (part one)...


1. take two decibels of babble
from a gastropub
where the witchcraft of switchcards
sinks in the ink
of sunday supplements

2. purchase a pentagram of produce
from the organic paedophile
peddling vegetables
vending various vitamins
at the farmer’s market

3. add one lung
of air inhaled in awe
at the absence of an edifice
eternally unerected
at Ground Zero


“hubble the bubbles
we blow in foamy globes
around ourselves

abra the black cadaver
towed by the flow
of the rotting river”

4. now sip the soup
the sorcerer serves
(before the copper cauldron cools)

Jamie Huxley © 2005

posted by scarecrow  # 9:34 AM

the shining...

these clinical indications
turn right
then left and then
to death
on the straight white base
of the snowbound surgical sheet

they say as much
about madness as

lunatic footprints
left in labyrinths

say about
why men freeze to death
gripping axes

Jamie Huxley © 2005.

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the new genes...

the new genes
are dividing
behind the eye

the pupil aches
like a gum

diverging things
are merging
and curving like corners
on credit cards

this town is a clone
of that town
which is only a tone
on the phone of a clown
who is a hooded courtier
in the new court
that is a cinema
and a supermarket

the new genes
are dividing
behind the eye

the pupil swells
like a gum

agents consult agents
about research agencies
intermediaries ooze
through cracks and channels
in media space-time
which expands
employing talons
and ravenous keyboards
to consult and consume
its own hands

until everyone
and everything is an artist
and there is no art

the new genes
are dividing
behind the eye

a new tooth
pushes through
the pupil
that is also a gum

Jamie Huxley © 2005.

posted by scarecrow  # 9:28 AM


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