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Monday, December 12, 2005


Ewan McGregor...

Ewan’s parents were very understanding.
When he was sixteen they said,
‘You can leave school if you want to’.
So he did.

With his Mum’s help he got his first job.
He worked backstage
in a theatre in Perth.
He was paid £50 a week.

Ewan stayed there for six months.
Then in 1988 he went to college
to do an HNC in drama.
Even at this stage
his friends saw he had talent.

James Davies © 2005.


Tom Hanks 3...

Today Tom Hanks can afford
to turn down $20 million.

He was offered this to make one film
but he didn’t want the stress.

He is the Hollywoood actor
who can do no wrong.
Whatever he does, the world loves him.
He is Mr Nice Guy.
He is one of the most popular actors
in Hollywood.

There were no clues in his childhood
to show the star he was going to be
or the joy that he would bring
to millions worldwide.

James Davies © 2005.

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Tom Hanks 2...

In High School Tom joined the drama club
because it looked like fun.
He was always the class clown
but he was shy.

Even so,
in 1974 he won his first Best Actor award
for his part in a school play.

After leaving school Tom went to college.
He joined a drama class there also
to pass the time.
He was soon hooked
on everything to do with acting.
And today is one of the Hollywood’s greats.

James Davies © 2005.

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Tom Hanks 1...

Tom was born
on 9th July 1956 in California.
He was the third of four children.

When Tom was five years old
his parents split up.
They never spoke to each other again.

Tom’s baby brother Jim
stayed with his Mum.
She married again
another three times.

Tom, Larry and Sandra
stayed with their dad.
He re-married twice.
Tom’s dad was a chef
in Massachussets.

James Davies © 2005.

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