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Monday, May 01, 2006


Anal Mermaids...

Some tip for nowness:
splendor. Yellow dog named Snort
ejaculates upon my name.
Truncated holocaust nails
tiny lips explode in germinated
fields of polished gore fabrics.
“How do you know I haven’t painted on this already,”
that’s the bird dropping off cost’s
sun-veiled toilette. Coupon bleeds

Pink symmetry of wolfhead
falling, dreamy mermaid
beefs up the green. Without
any tact we feel real music
emotion, chopped and bleeding,
flush this.

Travis Jeppesen © 2006.

Travis Jeppesen was born. He wrote a novel. It's called Victims. It was published in America by Akashic Books, and in Russia by Eksmo. His new book is called Poems I Wrote While Watching TV. It has illustrations by Jeremiah Palecek, and will come out in March. His work has/will appear(ed) in Purple, Prague Literary Review, 3am Magazine, Another Magazine, ZOO,, New York Press, Bookforum, Pretend I Am Someone Else, Thee Flat Bike,, Pavement Magazine, Shampoo Poetry, Can We Have Our Ball Back, and a bunch of other places you've probably never heard of. He edits BLATT.

His new collection of poems [Poems I Wrote While Watching TV] can be ordered HERE.


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