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Monday, June 19, 2006


Two fat boys...

Two fat boys

are being looked at

no, stared at

by a thin man

who then trips over

face first

into a ditch

Two Fat Boys

In Croydon

two fat boys

(Rick and Sam)

are drunk under the moon

neither have ever been fallen in love with

Two Fat Boys

Four wickets in one innings

ah, that was such a long time ago

thinks one fat boy at a desk

eating spreadable cheese sandwiches

Two Fat Boys

Two fat boys

in the back of an old Fiat Panda…

one notices a dead elephant

how could it have become dead?

ah . . . now it begins

Two Fat Boys

Two fat boys

waiting at the zebra crossing

see Nancy on the other side

dressed in the fuckest thing you ever did see

Two Fat Boys

Two fat boys


over a snapped ruler

The next day

they’re best of friends again

having a lack

and having no-one else

to fill that lack

Two Fat Boys

Donald Duck

One Fat Boy

One fat boy

in the toilets of McDonald’s, Stroget

shakes the last drops of urine

from his penis

and notices

the ubiquitous pissmat

of Kerne Hansen

One Fat Boy

One fat boy

looks at his maths mark

a ten!

how gleefully he walks down the corridor

In science

a ten!


mischievously Joe Slick starts the rumours

One Fat Boy

One fat boy

gets lost

in the woods

holding a stick

James Davis © 2006.

James Davies has written in Clacton, Exeter, Copenhagen and Manchester. At the moment he works teaching English - various. Also drawing, readings, mags, festivals, exhibitions, friends, women, bars, etc. He also edits Matchbox.


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