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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


DON . . .

I ran into old Don
still checking at the Ralphs on Sepulveda Boulevard
after 25 big ones -

Looks like - just for a change - the boss is screwing them again on their pension plan
and the picketing they did and the strike that time
and the fucking honcho from the A F-of-L
all didn't do nobody no good whatsoever

The working stiff is still the lowest lizard on the food chain

Old Don's doesn't care - says he's retiring at the end of the year
no matter what

Says he's gonna spend full time at that place he built in Mexico
and slam his insulin twice a day
and fish until his hands fall off

And I'm cranking the starter in my Chevy out in the parking lot
when it hits me

I've been doing the only thing I ever wanted to do
- daily -
for almost twenty years
no union - no paid vacations - no O T
and no shit

I still can't get enough

Dan Fante 2007

Dan Fante was born and raised in Los Angeles. At twenty, he quit school and hit the road, eventually ending up as a New York City resident for twelve years. Fante has worked at dozens of crummy jobs including: door to door salesman, taxi driver, window washer, telemarketer, private investigator, night hotel manager, chauffeur, mailroom clerk, deck hand, dishwasher, carnival barker, envelope stuffer, dating service counselor, furniture salesman, and parking attendant. Fante is married and has a two year old son named Michaelangelo Giovanni Fante. He hopes eventually to learn to play the harmonica.


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